Wilcon Stories

Wilcon introduced its newest communication campaign, Wilcon Stories, at EDSA Shangri-La Hotel. The event was hosted by columnist Johnny Litton and interior designer Tessa Prieto-Valdes, and it had the biggest names in media as guests.

Wilcon Stories features anecdotes from some of its loyal customers about how Wilcon has become an integral part of their lives as industry professionals and homebuilders. The list of testimonials includes notable and award winning architects: husband and wife Architects Romulo and Yolanda Reyes; father-and-son advocates of Green Architecture, Architects Mike and Paul Peña; renowned architect and interior design practitioner, Architect Arlen De Guzman; mom-and-daughter duo Deonna Tan-chi and Joy Mendoza; and newlyweds Rafael and Alexandra Yam.

The newest brand ambassadors talk about when and how they became Wilcon customers, and what made them stay and decide to have Wilcon as their partner in building their homes and their careers. Wilcon Stories showcases the many ways the company keeps its promise to help Filipinos in conceptualizing and nurturing home ideas, and in making them real. In support of its presence as an institution in the retail construction industry, Wilcon keeps its feet on the ground and continues to provide the best service for its customers.

Wilcon Stories will be featured in various glossy magazines and newspapers as well as in the GMA News TV program Homebased.





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