Pista Y Ang 2018-08-02 18:01:42

ilcon Depot upholds its commitment to be an advocate of environmental sustainability after participating in the 28th 'Pista Y Ang Kabuegan' (Feast of the Forest), an annual mass tree-planting festivity in Palawan last June 30, 2018.

With the city government's goal to revive the lowland forest in Barangay Montilbe, the local residents and Wilcon Depot Palawan employees together with ASDEC planted a total of 10,000 tree seedlings of Narra, Red and White Nato and Kapok.

Wilcon Depot is one with the goal of the local government of Palawan to institutionalize the protection and conservation of the environment through strengthening its corporate initiatives to deliver positive environmental impact in our country.


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