Kohler Releases New Numi Toilet 2012-07-31 15:02:26


Kohler, known for its contemporary designs and excellent standards, has recently released a new toilet product: the Numi, marketed as Kohler's most advanced toilet and representative of the brand's tagline "'The Bold Look of Kohler."

Moving past the traditional rounded appearance of toilets, the Numi integrated toilet is characterized by sleek lines and angles that convey both class and high technology.  The tankless, 'nature-soft' design is suitable for all styles of modern bathrooms, showing off a clean, elegant look.

The integrated technology of the Numi showcases a number of features.  The antibacterial seat is designed to automatically open once the user comes within a preprogrammed distance, and contains an internal heating system that can be preset for a variety of climates and temperatures.  An auto-flush system activates once the user has left the seat, with defined water settings based on the amount of time the user is present.  A built-in deodorizer eliminates odors instantly during use, a separate heating system keeps the user's feet warm, and the heated bidet system features a combined air dryer.

Additional technology makes the Numi a remarkable convergence device as well. A bowl night light allows for discreet use without the need to turn out the bathroom's lights, and daily UV sanitization system guarantees both hygiene and cleanliness.  A music system that supports both radio and MP3 playback provides a pleasing ambience, and a full-function remote control provides direct access to all of the Numi's functions.

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