Complete your Kitchen with Kohler Sink 2012-07-31 14:30:51


     The Kohler brand, exclusively distributed by Wilcon Builders' Depot, offers seven kithen sink variants that meet various needs.  Six of these variants have a stainless steel finish:  the Poise, the Toccata SB, the Middleton, the Toccata DB, the Pro Tasksink and the Geog.  These sinks all have Kohler's SMART Divide Design, as well as duostrainers for ease of use.


The seventh variant, the Ballad Sink, is made in a special satin finish in line with the rest of Kohler's Ballad line.  This Ballad sink product is self-rimming, oil-resistant, and marked with distinct beaded pattern.

All of Kohler's kitchen sinks manifest the brand's commitment to quality, with aesthetically appealing finishes and durable, sturdy construction. The fabrication process is part of Kohler's claim to fame, as the sinks are hand-crafted with an eye for exquisite craftsmanship.

Sink fittings and accessories come standard with every Kohler kitchen sink, and all seven variants are available at all Wilcon outlets.


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