Wilcon Depot Loyalty Program begins in June 2011 2011-11-19 07:39:25

Loyal customers of the country's leading construction and building supply company, Wilcon Depot, have
something wonderful to look forward to: the company's new Loyalty Card Program!  The program lets
Wilcon give something back to its most valued clients, rewarding them for their regular support of
the company's products and services.

The program, which starts on June 2011, gives customers rewards points corresponding
to the purchases they make.  These points accumulate over time as part of the
customer's unique account, and maybe converted to a peso value redeemable
for future purchases. The points are valid for two years from the time of
accrual, and maybe spent as part of purchases within that time. The Loyalty
Card, however, has full lifetime validity.

Customers must carry their Loyalty Cards with them to earn the benefit
of reward points, and are not transferable. For more comprehensive
information about how to apply for the Loyalty Card Program and make
use of its benefits, visit your nearest Wilcon branch today!


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