Wilcon & Saver's Appliance Depot Form Partnership 2012-01-06 09:48:50

  Executives from Wilcon and Saver's as they make official their partnership in the business.  From left: Ms. Evelyn Sajonia -Wilcon Exec. Marketing Mngr., Ms. Rosemarie Ong -Wilcon EVP & COO, Mr. Jaime Uy -Saver's President & CEO, Ms. Rhea Anicoche-Tan -Saver's Marketing Director & Mr. Noel Fernandez -Saver's Branch Manager-Roosevelt QC

          Wilcon Depot, the country's premiere building and interior design supply provider, recently signed a memorandum of agreement with Saver's Appliance Depot, allowing both companies to enhance and support each other's endeavors.

The memorandum of agreement signing was held on September 19, 2011, at the Wilcon Head Office.  Present at the signing were the following: Wilcon Executive Marketing Manager Evelyn Sajonia, Wilcon EVP and COO Rosemarie Ong, Saver's Depot President and CEO Jaime Uy, Saver's Depot Marketing Director Rhea Anicoche-Tan, and Saver's Depot Branch Manager-Roosevelt QC Noel Fernandez.  The partnership allows Wilcon to benefit from Saver's Depot's extensive appliance offerings, creating an Appliance section in Wilcon branches.

Both Wilcon and Saver's Depot operate with the same business philosophy of being one-stop shops for all of their customers' needs.  Working together gives both companies the opportunity to combine their product and service portfolios, ensuring even greater customer satisfaction and loyalty for both companies.

Saver's Appliance Depot is one of the few companies in the Philippines that carries the widest range of appliances, bearing official distribution privileges for brands such as Electrolux, LG and Panasonic.  Its staff is expertly trained in all aspects of appliance sales, maintenance, and support.  With its combination of excellent service and competitive prices, Saver's Depot makes an excellent partner for Wilcon.

Wilcon Depot is one of the largest and most experienced building supply retailers in the Philippines, now in its fourth decade of providing the best products and services to both homeowners and industry professionals alike.  With stores all over the country, the most comprehensive lineup of products and services, and employees that are both exceptionally skilled and customer-friendly, Wilcon is at the vanguard of improving the Filipino consumer public's overall quality of life.


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