Cellox - The Bathroom Space Full of Care 2011-11-19 06:25:43

Cellox now available at Wilcon!


One of the newest products being offered by Wilcon is the Cellox Non-Barrier Anti-Bacterial Nylon Grab Bars System: a bathroom support solution that aids movement and comfort for the elderly and the physically challenged.

Designed specifically to provide solid support, the Cellox system is an excellent choice for washrooms meant for universal access. The German-made materials are strong and durable, able to provide enough support for regular use. The anti-bacterial qualities satisfies Swiss technology standards as per the Switzerland-based CIBA Corporation

Cellox support systems are recommended for medical facilities, as well as homes and establishments assisting the elderly and the infirm. The grab bars can comfortably handle sufficient body weight, and are within easy reach from any position. Physically challenged individuals will need less assistance in the washroom, adding to their comfort and privacy. With Cellox installed, bathrooms are made much safer and more practical.

Non-barrier Anti-bacterial Nylon Grab Bars System


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