MacroAir engineers of air

MacroAir engineers of air

MacroAir is a US brand dedicated in delivering innovative design and cost-effective ceiling fans. MacroAir fans use the High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) technology, which means that these airing devices move in high volume but in low speed.

HVLS fans can solve air problems such as imbalanced air distribution, humidity, and moisture. The HVLS fan's performance allows to circulate a high volume of air and generate gentle air movement that optimize comfort in a large area.

The eight to twenty-four feet diameter fan, MacroAir HVLS fans have turned into the most outstanding fan with its refined design technology. Its large blades can circularize plenty of air from corner to corner without much need for speed.

MacroAir fans when integrated with Heating, Ventilating, and Air-Conditioning (HVAC) systems results to lower energy bills. It ensures that the comfort level are maintained and the energy saving goals are achieved. The HVLS fans are engineered to put less stress on the motor, consequently leading to longer service life expectancy.

Because of its special mechanism, MacroAir HVLS fans are on the leading edge of technology and reliability. MacroAir is the cooling solution that is both effective and energy cost-saving equipment that is vital for commercial, industrial, and residential use. MacroAir fans are individually matched with engineered controlled panels to assure optimal acceleration, speed, longevity, and overall efficiency and effectiveness.

Now, you can start to experience better cooling airflow with MacroAir engineers of air with three (3) simple steps: