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Features of Dunlopillo mattress

There are many features to a Dunlopillo mattress that enable the user to have a relaxed and comfortable sleep at the end of the day.

* Support for neck and back pain – Those with pain in the neck or back will be relieved to use Dunlopillo mattress as its latex provides the desired support while it moulds around the curves of the body of its occupier.

* Hypoallergenic – Latex, the material used for making Dunlopillo mattresses is characteristically hypoallergenic. This will be a very appreciable feature for those suffering from allergies or facing problems like asthma that are connected with the respiratory system

* No springs – The construction of Dunlopillo dispenses with the use of conventional springs that wear out after a couple of years and begin to poke thru the surface of the mattress.

* Keep cool – Dunlopillo mattresses are so designed that the latex in there has open cells that enables the mattress to breath evenly, thus maintaining its low temperature. The design incorporates a ventilated interior that helps to drive out any moisture content, leaving the mattress fresh.

* Dunlopillo mattress guarantee – Over and above all the great features, Dunlopillo matters comes with a five-year warranty, meaning that any defect arising due faulty material or bad workmanship will be repaired or replaced free of cost.