An Excellent Must-Have


The improved line of RUBINET products gives the best results in the cleaning, protection and maintenance of floors, walls and coverings. Each product has been tested in real conditions, obtaining a high-quality, reliable range, that provides solutions to problems that may arise with finishes in construction.

RUBINET products are required for demanding professional jobs. The wide range offered by Germans Boada, S.A. lets you clean, protect and maintain all types of tiles, thanks to quality, high-performance products.


With the aim of helping construction professionals with their work, and of improving the quality of the finished product, RUBI completes its range of professional manual cutter for ceramics, with the new  TX-700-S model. The main characteristic of these new cutters is the incorporation of a gradable square 45 degrees angle projections that allow for precise measuring both straight-line and diagonal cutting for ceramics.

At the same time, and as with all RUBI Professional Cutters, the TX-S comes with exchangeable scoring wheels of a various sizes and strengthens, adaptable to the mobile separating group at a separation rate of 1000 kg (2.201 lb), so as to cut ceramics up to 20mm (3/16") thick with absolute precision and certainty.


Germans Boada S.A., RUBI has develops a new range of highly versatile cutting and mitring tools. The new DW brings together the required characteristics to meet the needs of the most professional tasks, without losing any of its characteristic lightness and an unbeatable quality/price relationship.

This machine has a single-phase 1.5 CV (1.1 kW) 2850 RPM motor with a heat protector to ensure maximum operational safety. It comes with a 200mm (8") diameter diamond blade and a tap water regulator pump disk-cooling system; it is also equipped with a stop for repeated cuttings and comes with a practical gradable square. It allows a cutting height of 40mm (1 5/8"), extendible to 62 mm (3") in two extension movements, a cuttings length of 70 cm (2"). And an unlimited mitre joint cutting width. The motor is set on ball bearings, and can thus be moved, can be folded to carry-out high precision mitring work, and allows cutting with wall chaser effects.