5 Reasons Why Switching to LED Lighting is the Smarter Choice

5 Reasons Why Switching to LED Lighting is the Smarter Choice

LED Lights have been widely-released in the market for a good number of years already. Considered better than its alternatives, LED, which stands for Light Emitting Diode, is considered as a revolutionary technology in the lighting industry. Unless you're living under a rock, it is impossible that you haven't heard about these products yet.

Lighting experts and users alike have nothing but praise to the convenience and benefits of using LED lights. This ultimately resulted to more households and business establishments making the switch from their traditional incandescent, halogen or fluorescent light bulbs to the more advantageous LED lighting products.

In case you're still wondering why this lighting technology is getting that much acclaim, we listed 5 reasons to convince you that LED lighting is the smarter choice for your home needs:

Energy Efficiency

LED lights are indeed the better choice when it comes to energy efficiency. Only 20 percent of energy use by typical incandescent and fluorescent light bulbs goes for lighting and the remaining 80 percent loses to heat. LED lighting technologies are capable of turning this around as only 20 percent of the energy used by LED light bulbs goes to heat loss which results to a more energy efficient performance.

The Safer Choice

Safety is one of the biggest factors we consider in choosing any product for our homes. Halogen and incandescent lights emit heat that can be a safety hazard. This is due to the large percentage of power used that converts into infrared and ultraviolet radiation. LED lights bulbs run cool and only use little energy that significantly lessens any possibility of safety hazards.

Extended Life Span

Typical incandescent and halogen light bulbs burn out at approximately 1,000 hours. This is significantly much lower than the expected life span of LED lights that can reach up to 15,000 hours of usage which translates to roughly 30 years before burning out with an average daily use of 3 hours. This makes LED lighting more cost-efficient and practical, thus, a better long-term investment than alternatives.

Dimmer Switch Compatible

Dim lighting can luxuriate your home’s atmosphere and only LED lights can do it marvelously. Other lighting technologies like incandescent light bulbs don’t perform well with dim lighting as they tend to turn yellow when dimmed. Only LED light bulbs have the capability to retain their true colors no matter what dimming situation.

Environmentally friendly

With its longer life span and energy efficiency capabilities, LED lights are the best choice when looking for a practical product that can help preserve the environment as well. Unlike its alternatives, LED lights don’t contain mercury and other toxic materials and use components that are recyclable.

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