Eco-Friendly Things You Can Do at Home

Eco-Friendly Things You Can Do at Home

Our changing environment is a real pressing issue. And while the majority of us may not be able to do some groundbreaking movement towards environmental awareness, still, each of us can make a difference towards a “greener” lifestyle. Everything starts at home, and if we all put environment conservation and preservation a priority in our home lifestyle, we can greatly contribute to a more sustainable living.

This week, we suggest ways on how you can be Eco-Friendly while lounging at the comfort of your home.

1. Utilize your windows to regulate temperature

Having large windows benefits you in more ways than one. During the summer, keep the windows open so that the breeze can help cool your home, while also getting rid of stale indoor air. Not only do open windows keep the air circulation, it will also give you instant natural light during daytime!

2. Use ceiling fans in place of air-conditioning units

There are rooms that we truly need air-conditioning units for, and there are rooms that can do well without. In the case of the living and dining room, installing a ceiling fan might just be the better option. Ceiling fans keep the room in comfortable temperature during hot days, and can balance air circulation during cold days.

3. Upgrade your refrigerator

If you have a two-decade old refrigerator now, you may think you have saved from not buying a new unit, but it definitely takes a toll on your energy use. If that is the case, now is the best time to upgrade your refrigerator to a recent unit as they use 40% less energy. When choosing which unit to buy, be mindful of the unit's energy rating and durability.

4. Opt for showers over bath

Water efficiency should be best practiced at home. Showers take less liters than a bath, while still getting the job done. Look for efficient shower heads to seal the deal!

5. Pick low-flush toilets for your home

Using low-flush water closets can let you cut a significant water consumption off on your total bill. Make it a practice to look for brands with the least gallon usage per flush, and also better if there the tank fitting features a dual-lever flush.


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