4 Simple Ways to Lower Down Your Electric Bill

4 Simple Ways to Lower Down Your Electric Bill

Back in 1752, a curious fellow by the name of Benjamin Franklin embarked on an experiment to prove that lightning is electrical. He flew a kite with a metal key attached at the bottom during a thunderstorm; and lo and behold, he got an electrical shock—and this has become one of the most significant experiments in history.

Fast forward to today, after centuries of developments, people have already made ways to benefit from the power of electricity. From power suppliers, electrical energy is used to improve our lives for a healthier, more efficient living. Electricity comes with a price, and managing energy consumption is vital to help us conserve not only energy but also be environment-friendly. Below are some tips to cut down on your monthly electrical bills.

1. Unplug

It goes without saying that we need to unplug appliances that are not in use. Setting them on a standby mode will still consume energy that will carry over to your bill. It is still wiser to unplug to save and prevent unnecessary electrical casualties. Unplugging also includes turning off light bulbs in different parts of the home that are not in use, as they still eat up a significant amount of energy.

2. Utilize Natural Light

Exposure to sun can increase the level of endorphins and serotonin in your brain which makes you feel better. Aside from serving as a natural positivity booster, using natural light will also let you save energy and be more eco-friendly.

Maximize natural light by opening your windows in the daytime, and pulling up your blinds. This will instantly make your space brighter. Paint your walls with lighter color, and arrange your furniture in such a way that will allow the natural flow of sunlight into the room.

3. Keep your Electric Equipment Well-Maintained

Being energy efficient means that the total energy input to a machine is consumed completely, and not as wasted useless heat. Your refrigerators, air conditioners, and other electrical home equipment must always be at a good working condition to maintain its efficiency.

For refs, it is advised that you regulate the temperature, don't keep it too low. Also, defrost it on a regular basis to retain the proper amount of moisture. In choosing air conditioners, pick the one that is the proper size for your space. Oversized units will only make the area feel uncomfortable. Avoid placing heat-inducing appliances near the unit as it will affect how much the energy the aircon will consume.

4. Make the switch to LED

LED (light-emitting diode) is a semiconductor device that emits light, and is widely used in electronic devices, for lighting. LED light bulbs produce less heat and consume less energy, making them more efficient than other bulbs in the market.

These are just simple ways to cut off energy usage for a more efficient living. One thing that we could learn from this is, using electricity makes our lives easier as long as we are responsible in handling it. Using Eco-friendly products and conserving will make a huge difference for our environment.