5 Qualities to Look for in Water Closets

5 Qualities to Look for in Water Closets

When it comes to water closets, our outlook is for the long run. And whichever you may call it—water closet or toilet, we know that looking for these vessels of sanitation and comfort requires lots of time and attention. But nowadays in this fast-paced world, we barely have time to examine all the different things to factor in determining the pieces that are both aesthetically and functionally pleasing. To help you with that, we are giving you a roundup of the five qualities you have to be keen for when you are shopping for your water closet.

1. Water-saving Feature

Being one of the main sources of water consumption, it is wise to put value in water closets with reduced water usage per flush. Many toilets in the market have a two-lever flush, where one lever is to release water for liquid waste, and the larger lever to flush solid waste.

2. Efficient Fittings

The water-saving property of a water closet also depend on the fittings. The fitting is where the water is kept, and there are two types of fittings for a water closet. First is a one piece water closet, where the fitting is built in. They are generally more durable and easy to install. For two piece closet, know that they are sold separately, and this gives you the option to personalize. If in the future there will be a damage to one element, then you can replace it without having to change the other.

3. Sophisticated Design

As much as possible, opt for neutral colors and plain style. This will make for easy designing and color coordination in the bathroom. You can still go for other colors and style, it is entirely up to your finishing, as long as the items compliment each other. Also, consider your available space so that there is enough room for everything.

4. Reasonable Price

It is fine to invest in pricey water closets as long as it can deliver the quality it claims. After all, we are in for the long haul when it comes to this, so spending good money on a good product will be worth it. There are also brands in the market that manage to produce top quality products in an affordable price, which are also strong options.

5. Trusted Brand

If all these tips still make you apprehensive about buying, then you can always turn to the product lineup of a trusted brand. Investing in a piece from a trusted brand can guarantee you uncompromised product selection and a specific period of warranty. Also, these brands more or less have incorporated the latest technology and innovation when it comes to the field of expertise, making it work for your advantage.

Water closets are used daily by practically everyone in the house, so it is undeniably one of the most important items of an abode. These tips are just the basics to get you started on deciding for your home. It would also help if you already have specific uses and qualities in mind, so that shopping can be done with ease. We want to help you choose the best bathroom accessories for your home! Visit us at any Wilcon Depot branches nationwide and our sales specialists will be there to guide you.