5 Tips To Help You Pick the Best Kitchen System

5 Tips To Help You Pick the Best Kitchen System

The kitchen is the place where the heart-warming family meals are made. Meals are made on an average of three times a day, so it is not mind-boggling that materials and appliance in the kitchen are more prone to renovation or replacement. Sinks are usual patients that need fixing, cabinets and drawers seem to always lose a screw, and faucets are on a regular care-taking mode.

There are ways to ensure that you've got a kitchen that withstands all those non-stop cooking and processes that happen on a daily basis. Make your kitchen fixing blues a thing of the past by taking notes from us. Here are five tips to help you select the best kitchen system for your home:

1. Pick a trusted brand for your sink

There is a reason why some brands are on top-they have consistently proven that they are of superior quality and service. The kitchen sink is the most used daily, so picking a trusted brand guarantees you utmost performance and functionality. A good kitchen sink ensures you of thicker stainless steel, advanced manufacturing technology, an innovative design, and sustainable manufacturing process.

2. Go for stainless steel

Certain types of stainless steel provides higher corrosion resistance and greater durability. Look for materials that use stainless steel with high nickel content. An example of this is AISI 304 Grade 18/10 DDQ (Deep Draw Quality) stainless steel, with a composition type of 304, with 18% Chromium and 10% Nickel attribute. DDQ is used for applications that require superior formability.

3. Keep your sink well-maintained

Keeping your sink clean is an unwritten rule for every kitchen, not only at homes but also in industrial settings. Our primary concern should always be food safety, and we can achieve that if we take sanitation seriously.

1. After every use, rinse sink with water, soap, or any neutral cleaner products.

2. Dry sink surface with soft cloth after every use.

3. Cleaning movement should be parallel to satin direction (avoid patterns on surface).

4. Remove limestone stains with soft detergent or ¼ vinegar mixed with hot water.

5. Clean fat stains with denatured alcohol or with soft detergent cream.

6. Avoid metallic sponges or abrasive dusts. Also, rinse new sponges before use.

7. Avoid cleaners containing Chlorine, Muriatic Acid (HCL) or any with its mixtures.

8. Avoid scratches on sink with any type of rusty materials.

4. Scour for good faucets

The faucet is a central part to your sink, and you should invest on the good ones. How would you know if a faucet is good? Pro tip: it always comes with durable materials, ceramic cartridge, and a Neoperl Aerator. It is also safe to put your trust in globally recognized brands, where quality always comes first.

5. Maximize on the accessories

Kitchen accessories are supposed to make your lives easier. Utilize them to make your kitchen system more dynamic and purposeful. Here are some accessories you can invest in:

1. Hoods: they provide excellent suction power at low noise levels

2. Hobs: these burners make for stable gas flow, and their safety valves are for controlled operation

3. Ovens: evens out diffusion of heat for optimal performance

A kitchen is a home's work zone. Therefore appliance should be at their best to be able to respond to everyday demands, and your kitchen set up should be orderly and functional. Get more inspiration and design ideas from us! Check out Franke's kitchen appliances and showrooms at any Wilcon Depot branch.